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8 tips For When You're Feeling Blue about your Health + a little treat for the next 24 hours ONLY!

  • Nature has wisdom embedded within it. Darkness comes before dawn each morning. 
  • Breathing is what it is cracked up to be . Try it now.
  • Here’s a  valuable tip from my spiritual teacher….he says do not love your suffering. There is nothing beneficial about suffering itself. Love that life gives you another opportunity to try again and be better for it.
  • Ask that you may TRANSFORM with ease and grace.
  • Read about others who have overcome health struggles and look for answers on how they approached the situation differently then you are. 
  • Connecting to a higher power when you don’t feel so great goes a long way. 
  • Ask yourself what your situation is teaching you about how to do your life differently. And....for a limited time, I am giving away a 20 minute Pattern Changer Meditation if you make a comment in this blog post below-for the next 24 hours. $20 value will be yours, free! So, make a comment and I'll send you the meditation recording.
  • Last but not least- be of service to another. Moving into the energy of gratitude goes a long way in changing your focus and celebrating the blessings that are in your life right now

  • PS- EXTRA TIP. When you are not feeling so great, LOOK UP at the SKY. It will shift your focus. Here is a beautiful photo of Kauai that is a good place to start. Speaking of which, I'm leading a small group retreat there and would love you to check it out. All the details, and more are found  here
    Photo courtesy of Stefanie Webster

5 Health Tips For You As You Transition to Autumn

As summery flower scents start to fade away, we are welcomed into Autumn. A time of crisp air, fresh breezes and rainbow colored leaves on trees and the ground. The body feels the change in season as we reach for boots, tights, and scarves. Here are some tips for your health to keep you moving smoothly into the next season with ease.

1. If you feel cold, cover up and bundle up. Staying warm and comfortable reduces the amount of stress the body has to manage at any given time.

2. Root vegetables (squash, carrots, ginger, tumeric, rutabega, turnip, daikon radish, maca root, radish, yam, purple potatos) are a great way to get comfort food without reaching for refined sweets and carbohydrates. Root vegetables are also grounding in nature and support a feeling of inner comfort that we tend to long for at this time of year.

3. Herbal remdies: Herbs are like food. They contain an energetic and physical substance that interacts with your energy. I like to think of herbs as if they had unique personalities. Immune modulators and Adaptogens are two groups of herbs that are especially helpful in keeping the strength of body up at this time of year.

4. Wash your hands. Think about your hands for a minute. Your hands are constantly in action. From picking up your keys to opening the car door, opening door handles in restaurants, bathrooms, offices, your fridge handle, washing machine door, dishwasher handle, touching your pets, grocery store carts...you get the idea! Now imagine where your hands go on your own body- rubbing your eyes, scratching your face, combing your hair...etc. Washing your hands can go a long way.

5. Do your inner healing. Stress due to various life situations causes people a lot of unwanted strife. Often one tries to shift stress at the level of the physical. Shifting at the energetic level makes a world of difference and allows you to come from an empowered place.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and please pass them on to all your friends and family. Everyone deserves infinite health and joy in their life.

Much light,
Dr. Alexina Mehta
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Travelling soon? How to Minimize the discomfort of jetlag

It's summertime and it seems like vacations are happening more at this time of year then any other. I have recently had a number of patients ask me about how to deal with jet lag. 

Are you getting ready to fly? Follow these tips to minimize jet lag and maximize your time away!

Love to travel? Jet lag can take away from the precious time you have reserved for your trip. The result is fatigue, dizziness, nausea and feeling like you're "hung over."

Fortunately, Naturopathic medicine has some solutions to make your life easier!

Lets start with what to do before you you fly:

-eat 2 garlic cloves (and maybe some peppermint tea afterwards! ;)
-take vitamin C and some other immune supporting herbs- see your Naturopathic doctor with respect to what herbs are suitable for you
-ensure you are hydrated

Hydration is important:

-drink 1 cup of water every hour and add electrolyes like Emergen-C 
-avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol and sweet drinks
-use a saline spray to keep your nasal passages moist 

-walk as much as you can during the flight
-exercise in your seat every hour or more - ie. stretches, moving your feet, hands and shoulders, flex your ankles

Grounding exercises

-the fact you are up in the air and not on the ground may contribute to jetlag according to some
-line each shoe with a piece of brown paper 
-visualize your feet and tailbone grounding to the earth and your roots are connecting to the earth

Regulating Sleep-Wake Cycles

-set your watch to your new time as soon as you board the plane
-aim to get as much sunshine as you can once you arrive at your destination
-sleep only when it is dark 
-to reset the pineal gland there are some remedies that work well, consult your naturopathic doctor for which one is suitable for you
Try these tools and consult with your ND for a more customized approach.  And of course, best wishes on your travels!

Fun dessert recipe for summertime sweet cravings! By Guest blogger, Celina Archambault

Recipe by Celina Archambault, RHN.

This weather has been amazing! Itʼs a great time to be social with friends and family
and why not enjoy it over tasty food?! Hereʼs a great evening dessert to be enjoyed with
loved ones on a warm summer evening. Introducing Banana Pops! Make these with the
kids and enjoy them together.

Total cost of ingredients: $8.00 (Making the popsicles to come out to 80 cents each)
Labour time: 15 minutes

Banana Pops!


• Plantains or bananas (If you canʼt find plantains, you can use bananas but I
recommend cutting the bananas in half to be able to make double the popsicles. I
would also recommend buying ripe bananas rather than green/unripe bananas for
sweetness and texture.
• Chocolate bar of your choice- I prefer to use a good quality dark chocolate for itʼs
antioxidants and magnesium content. A bonus would be if itʼs made with raw cacao in
the ingredients. The better quality chocolate bars are higher priced than the poor
quality chocolate bars. (This is for the cost of good quality ingredients) I would advise
you to indulge in an upgrade when choosing your chocolate :)
• Unsweetened coconut flakes
• Crushed nuts or your choice-Good recommendations for nuts are almonds,
hazelnuts, or cashews.
• Chia seeds (preferably ground to better absorb the nutrients)
• Coconut oil
• Popsicle or shish kebob sticks-sticks with a pointy tip will be easier to work with.

1) In a small saucepan, melt the chocolate on a very low temperature with a scoop of
coconut oil. The reason for the coconut oil is so that you donʼt burn the chocolate in
the pan, as well as to stretch out the expensive chocolate. You can add more or less
coconut oil to get the chocolate consistency you desire. Tip: Be careful not to burn
the chocolate, as it can easily over heat... once itʼs melted, remove it from the
2) While the chocolate is melting, peel the bananas and insert the sticks.
3) In a large plate, mix the coconut flakes, ground chia seeds, and sliced nuts and
spread the mixture flat towards the center of the plate
4) Once the chocolate mixture has melted, dip a banana in the chocolate, and then drag
the stick over the coconut mixture till fully saturated. Place on a dish that you can
place in the freezer
5) Once all the bananas have been prepared, pour any left over chocolate over the
plated bananas and sprinkle remaining coconut mixture. Freeze over night