Dr. Alexina Mehta works with adults, kids, teens, seniors and families. Virtually all acute conditions and chronic conditions may benefit from Naturopathic Medicine.

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Anorexia as a rite of passage.

Have you heard of this term, "The Wounded Healer's Journey?" It refers to someone on a healing path who learns what it takes to heal oneself, and therefore has earned a taste of life experience that might make them a better healer for others, if they chose to learn the lessons.

Behind every healer is a story. Probably thousands of stories that led each to where they are and what they teach.

So...what about my story? It's not something I have spoken about or shared about very often...until now.

I have many stories of healing that have led me to certain conclusions and have framed the way I see, and what I believe is possible for the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of humanity. Why is this important? Because our health on all these levels impacts the way we show up in life. It effects whether we care about the environment, how we treat each other and the future we are creating for our children based on every single decision we make every day of our lives.

One of the most significant healing battles I have fought AND won is curing myself of what many consider to be an incurable illness.

At the age of 11, I began what many young girls do when they are disconnected from their self esteem- I began to count calories and focus on what I could control of in my life. I was sad, confused and fearful of myself. I was the eldest of three girls, had a lot of expectations to succeed and felt pressure from every direction to be the "perfect person."

Now, you might be thinking, how can 11 year old girl process all that? I have a quick mind. I always have. Unfortunately it was working in a completely wrong direction that eventually led me into a vicious cycle of anorexia nervosa.

I love to understand the meaning behind words. Anorexia nervosa - aka starving oneself did make me a very nervous child. And as my weight deteriorated living off of a 600 calorie diet for months, so did my brain function. When one's body moves into starvation mode, perception of reality becomes all the more skewed, especially the perception of oneself.

Yes, my biggest fear was gaining weight. I had all the typical symptoms of anyone with anorexia. It's a very predictable disease. And, the threat of complete annihilation was present.

I remember my parents looking at me everyday during those critical months, begging me to eat something. One day, I remember sitting at the dining room table, looking at a plate of food. I remember I had to think very hard about how I was going to pick up the fork and put the food into my mouth. I was looking at the fork for several minutes. I just couldn't do it.

Looking back on it now, I have so much compassion for the little girl who just lost all connection to her basic needs. I was completely disconnected from my body and was filled with so much fear and confusion.

You know how sometimes special angels show up in your life, and somehow what they say impacts you in a powerful way? One day my uncle came over to our family home for dinner as I hid in my bedroom. I came out to say hello and looked at me with his big, wise eyes and said, "Sweetheart, I know you are going to get better. You are a strong girl."

The connection I felt with my uncle in that moment changed me. Somehow, I trusted him. I knew something was really wrong with me. My parents had a hard time understanding the disease and understandably so. They used to tell me that in India, people are looking for food because they are starved. They would say, "You have food and you are starving yourself. We don't understand you." Frankly, I didn't understand either.

And another stroke of fortune came when my parents sent me to a doctor who was a well known eating disorder specialist. At my lowest point I was 60lbs. He is probably a big part of the reason why I am alive today. He ordered me to stay at home and start the process of gaining weight. It was either that, or be force fed at the hospital. I agreed to do it, grudgingly. Although, I really didn't have a choice.

Then the immediate replenishment: the weight came back on quickly, as it should when you go from eating 600 to 1800 calories a day. I was not happy about it, but I also did not know any better. I do remember that once my body weight was normal, it felt like I could start thinking again.

Then the   real  healing journey began. I had to figure out what I was doing with my life. I recall one day feeling down and out that I had gained all the weight back. Then a realization came to mind..."You have to focus on getting stronger." Somehow, this insight gave me the courage to start the arduous but necessary process of figuring out who I was and where I came from.

I had a smaller relapse at the age of 18, this time very mild. And then the decision to learn about health, healing and spirituality. By my mid-20's, I remember feeling as if the anorexia was from another lifetime. I had transformed myself to the point where I found it difficult to even remember I had struggled with anorexia for years.

Since I was 18, all I have ever wanted to learn about is how to find peace, health, happiness and harmony in life. And now, I use my mind for good things.

So what was it that made me cure myself of Anorexia? The realization and deep commitment to not waste my life on that which was completely insignificant. Having the angels like my parents who were determined to see me through, my uncle to saw what was possible for me and my doctor who made me do what I really did not want to do. These are the external factors that helped. I believe they guided me to be able to eventually have insights that there was a path ahead of me that I needed to prepare myself for.

There was much more I needed to prepare for than what I could see. I remember that when I had the insight that I needed to develop my strength- there was a sense of being led or guided by something beyond me- but a part of me. And in the moment of having the realization, there was also great clarity that this needed to be the focus.

Sometimes we don't understand how or why or what will happen next when we are faced with letting something go. I have come to welcome this space of uncertainty as what I would call, "the territory we enter while transformation is happening on more of an energetic level." And as new awareness trickles in, then there is a more palpable understanding of what the next steps actually look like. We need to allow ourselves to remain in a state of suspension before the dawn of the new can emerge so we can notice, acknowledge and embrace it.

Is it comfortable to be in this territory? Not always, but I have grown to understand that is how it is sometimes. On one level, I am in a state of gratitude because transformation is on the horizon. However, be forewarned that the ego doesn't like change and can put up a fight to make it seem like transformation is not a good thing.

So how does one heal from an illness that most people would say is incurable?

We need to find the painful internal energies to let go of. Old resentment. Self Judgement. Heartache. Fear. How can we let go of these aches? For each one of us, the path will be different. However the signs are the same. Go inside and listen to the wise voice of inner strength. Inside you is a road map back to your true self that carries the potential for peace, happiness, health and harmony.

To find a true cure is to transform- and that can involve a number of different interventions and treatments. As a Naturopathic Physician and seeker of solutions, I have come to realize that acknowledgement of the whole being is necessary in healing. In any given moment, we walk as physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual beings. It does not make any logical sense to exclude any of these facets of ourselves at any time. We are all these facets. All these facets deserve our attention and recognition. If we can do this, I believe we can accelerate the path of transformation to one which honors the internal road map that holds the key to our happiness and freedom.

Dr. Alexina Mehta has a thriving Naturopathic medical practice in Vancouver, BC Canada. As part of her practice, she helps women with disordered eating behaviors. She can be reached at www.dralexinamehta.com or 604-731-7789.

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A glimpse into Dr. Alexina's mind…

When I was in my 4 th year of Naturopathic College, we had to do a case study on a patient and describe all the different possible approaches and angles that one could take to help the person resolve the symptoms they came in with. My report ended up being nearly 20 pages long, about 14 pages longer then what was expected.

My teacher made a comment which has stuck with me all these years. He said, “This is a glimpse into Alexina’s mind.”

He had acknowledged something about me that still proves to be true several years later and something I have come to understand about what makes my style of healing unique.

I am committed to perseverance and finding solutions that lead to increased happiness and epic levels of health, not just mediocrity. One dear friend described me as like a “female Ganesh.” For those of you who don’t know, Ganesh is a Hindu God who is known to be a remover of obstacles and bringer of light, abundance and joy.

I love cracking unhealthy codes…especially the ones that distract one from being able to live their life without purpose and meaning. Truly, I feel like a warrioress and ambassador for your unfulfilled and un-lived life. I was speaking with a patient a couple weeks ago and said “Can you imagine what you would be doing with your time if you were not always thinking about your body discomforts?”

Can YOU imagine this possibility too?

So…back to a glimpse into my mind:

When you come to see me, I first pay attention to:

·         - What you write or don’t write in your intake form
·          - what you emphasize or do not emphasize when speaking to me

I am listening to the physical and emotional symptoms you are describing and I am seeking to understand what the main stressors are. I am connecting the dots in your story and trying to understand when things went side-ways. With the back ground I have, I can’t help but be intuitive and pick up on certain areas that stand out to me as possible places where I would want to ask you more questions about what happened and how you got there. 

I’m thinking about:

·          - Your diagnosis and the appropriate labs/testing to ensure we know exactly what we are dealing with
·          - The numerous different tools that I can offer you to see which ones are most appropriate for your situation
·          - Your personality and the style of treatment or therapy that makes logical sense for you
·          - The treatments you have done in the past that have and have not worked and why that might be
·          - What could nourish you - physically with food and herbs and emotionally with activities to promote ease and peace in your being
·          - The patterns that caused the imbalances in the first place
·          - Your strengths and what is possible for you

  You see, there is nothing in the world that brings me more joy then seeing you healthier and happier. And I hope a glimpse into my mind helps you open up to the possibilities for you that may yet be untapped…

Want to work with Dr. Mehta? You can book her online here: www.dralexinamehta.com or call 604-731-7789. Want to join her tribe? Stay in touch by signing up for her newsletter   here.

Why a Naturopathic Doctor is good to have in your corner

There is a huge variety in the people who come and see Naturopathic doctors. Some people come because they are in  discomfort with chronic symptoms.Others come to get a sense of what else they can be doing to be even healthier and happier then they already are. Athletes come to get advice about what supplements and eating plan will best support them. Mothers bring their kids in to help with eczema or trouble with focus or anxiety. Couples may visit to get guidance with having a baby. Busy professionals come to get a handle on the stress that is wreaking havoc on their body. Some come because they feel they are just not feeling quite right and don't know why.

With all of these people, there is a common thread..a desire to feel better then how they felt when they walked into the appointment.

Sometimes patients wonder about a few things, like "What if I am on a current health plan with my medical doctor already?"
I can reassure you that I work with your current plan if that plan is working for you and augment that plan with more solutions that you have not yet explored.


I do not have a plan moving forward for my health right now, and I need one. Can you help?

An action plan is critical when managing your health. I create a plan that makes sense to you. It is important to me that you understand what the process of healing entails and that you feel empowered when you leave your visit with me. I always let you know when I think you need to consult with an MD or a specialist of any kind. I believe wholeheartedly in teamwork.

Keep in mind...

1. I work with where you are at and help you see and understand the patterns of disharmony in your health so that it makes sense for you.
2. I offer suggestions so you can understand what can help you to move on a path that will alleviate the suffering you are experiencing.
3. I provide you with inspiration and hope so that you know your symptoms are not who you are, but what you are experiencing.
4. I stand beside you as your advocate because I believe in your infinite potential.

What I love about helping you! 

1. I can often see patterns that perhaps you have not yet seen.
2. I show you a shift in perspective so that you see there is another way to work with your situation which leaves you feeling lighter and brighter.
3. I am passionate in empowering you with solutions using nutrition, supplements, remedies, lifestyle counselling and a variety of different treatments.  I have 15 years experience in working in the health world and I can support you in sharing some of the knowledge I have gained.

If you have any questions, give us a call: 604-731-7789.
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Best in Health and Happiness,
Dr. Alexina Mehta

8 tips For When You're Feeling Blue about your Health + a little treat for the next 24 hours ONLY!

  • Nature has wisdom embedded within it. Darkness comes before dawn each morning. 
  • Breathing is what it is cracked up to be . Try it now.
  • Here’s a  valuable tip from my spiritual teacher….he says do not love your suffering. There is nothing beneficial about suffering itself. Love that life gives you another opportunity to try again and be better for it.
  • Ask that you may TRANSFORM with ease and grace.
  • Read about others who have overcome health struggles and look for answers on how they approached the situation differently then you are. 
  • Connecting to a higher power when you don’t feel so great goes a long way. 
  • Ask yourself what your situation is teaching you about how to do your life differently. And....for a limited time, I am giving away a 20 minute Pattern Changer Meditation if you make a comment in this blog post below-for the next 24 hours. $20 value will be yours, free! So, make a comment and I'll send you the meditation recording.
  • Last but not least- be of service to another. Moving into the energy of gratitude goes a long way in changing your focus and celebrating the blessings that are in your life right now

  • PS- EXTRA TIP. When you are not feeling so great, LOOK UP at the SKY. It will shift your focus. Here is a beautiful photo of Kauai that is a good place to start. Speaking of which, I'm leading a small group retreat there and would love you to check it out. All the details, and more are found  here
    Photo courtesy of Stefanie Webster