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What can help me with my allergies?

Ahhhh....it's allergy season...and if you have allergies no one needs to tell you because your nose, eyes and throat are telling you!

This week's question comes from a lady who deals with allergies seasonally, especially at springtime when all the stunning flowers are coming into bloom.

She asks me, "Dr. Alexina, what can I do for these allergies? I can't stop sneezing and I feel tired as soon as I am around certain kinds of pollen."

My answer:

Well, there is the "take care of my symptoms answer" and then the "let's deal with the root of this issue" answer.

If you care about feeling better and staying feeling better, both answers would apply.



There are many remedies in natural medicine that have been shown to be effective for seasonal allergies. Some favorites include Quercetin which is a flavonoid found in many of mother nature's fruits, vegetables and grains. When you buy it as a supplement form, it is simply the processed and concentrated form of this flavonoid. In food, Quercetin is particularly high in capers, red raw organic onions and cilantro for example. 

Stinging nettle leaf: (Urtica dioica)

According to the University of Maryland Medical center, stinging nettle has been shown to reduce sneezing and itching in those with hayfever. Researchers think that this could be due to the ability of stinging nettle to reduce the amount of histamine the body produce in an allergic reaction. 

Pictured above is stinging nettle leaf.

Energize and Detox Smoothie

Today I decided to make a smoothie incorporating stinging nettle. It turned out pretty good!

1/4 cup raspberries, 1 tsp turmeric, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tsp ashwaganda powder, 1 square organic ginger root, 1/2 tsp mucuna pruriens,1tbsp stinging nettle juice and voila! I would have added banana but I am out!

An overview of the ingredients:

Mucuna Pruriens: balances all three doshas (Ayurvedic medicine): pitta, kapha and vata which is rare amongst herbal adaptogens. It contains L-dopa which is a direct precursor to dopamine, a neurotransmitter which increases human growth hormone production from the pituitary gland. This can lead to increased energy, improved immunity, improved deep sleep and much more!

Turmeric: the benefits are vast... Medline, a database of research studies has documented over 1500 citations related to the use of curcumin which is the active ingredient in Turmeric. In ayurvedic medicine it has been used for 100s of years in the treatment of allergies as it is a natural leukotriene inhibitor, which is helpful for conditions such as asthma. The anti-inflammatory effect is remarkable as well which can calm down the aggravation of an allergic reaction.


An adaptogen that helps balance cortisol levels. Adaptogens will increase or decrease cortisol depending on what your body requires. Mother nature is very intelligent! Cortisol is important in helping you deal with stress and an allergy is essentially a stress in the body.

Long term:

Immune Support: Do you get colds and the flu often? Do you take a over 10 days to get over it? Have your allergies just started or have they gotten progressively worse over the years?If so, you may need to strengthen yourself by not only addressing your immune system, but also your hormonal regulation systems. The adrenal glands come into play here understanding what your cortisol and DHEA levels are like can give valuable information about how to approach improving your long term hormonal and immune health.

You can treat your seasonal allergies in a number of ways. Some tools I like include:

Herbals remedies

Allergy Desensitization
Cleanses and detoxification techniques

Remember you have options with your health. Mother nature provides many solutions and sometimes you just need some perspective and a fresh new way of looking at things to inspire and motivate you to become better.

To find out more of what you can do to empower yourself in your health, book an appointment at 604-731-7789 or book online on  my website.

I wish you ease and grace in your health,
Dr. Alexina Mehta

Here I am just about to be filmed for Passionpreneur television! It was a relaxed and fun interview where I was able to share how I got into Naturopathic medicine and why I love helping people become better!

Stay tuned and subscribe to this blog for updates as that video should be released in about a month :)

Talk to Your Nature Doc: How do I minimize the effects of Jetlag?

Dear Doc, 

I often get jet lag. What can help that is natural?


 Follow these tips to minimize jet lag and maximize your time away!

Love to travel? Jet lag can take away from the precious time you have reserved for your trip. The result is fatigue, dizziness, nausea and feeling like you're "hung over."

Fortunately, Naturopathic medicine has some solutions to make your life easier!

Lets start with what to do before you you fly:

-eat 2 garlic cloves (and maybe some peppermint tea afterwards! ;)
-take vitamin C and some other immune supporting herbs- see your Naturopathic doctor with respect to what herbs are suitable for you
-ensure you are hydrated

Hydration is important:

-drink 1 cup of water every hour and add electrolyes like Emergen-C 
-avoid caffeinated beverages, alcohol and sweet drinks
-use a saline spray to keep your nasal passages moist 

-walk as much as you can during the flight
-exercise in your seat every hour or more - ie. stretches, moving your feet, hands and shoulders, flex your ankles

Grounding exercises

-the fact you are up in the air and not on the ground may contribute to jetlag according to some
-line each shoe with a piece of brown paper 
-visualize your feet and tailbone grounding to the earth and your roots are connecting to the earth

Regulating Sleep-Wake Cycles

-set your watch to your new time as soon as you board the plane
-aim to get as much sunshine as you can once you arrive at your destination
-sleep only when it is dark 
-to reset the pineal gland there are some remedies that work well, consult your naturopathic doctor for which one is suitable for you

NO Jetlag Homeopathic Remedy

I love this remedy! It works for many of my patients. Take it when you take off and then every 2 hours after on the flight if you can. You can purchase at various health food stores.
Try these tools and give us a call for  a more customized approach.  And of course, best wishes on your travels!

Best in health,
Dr. Alexina Mehta


What does it mean to be empowered ?

We hear the word empowered a lot these days. But what does it really mean ?

Many of us have experienced dis-empowering situations in life that leave us feeling defeated, disconnected and scared. 

However, empowered experiences have a completely different feel to them.

The best way that I can illustrate the meaning is by sharing what I have found in a process of self discovery and what I have witnessed in working with thousands of people.

I have learned THREE things:

1. A life experience that leaves one empowered allows a person to stand more confidently on their own two feet. This alludes to the fact that true empowerment comes from a yearning within your  heart to be free to be your true self. 

2. An empowering experience often has some kind of an initiatic quality in that one receives an invitation to walk through the fire in every sense in order to reap the benefits. Feel the fear and walk anyways. It feels like you are entering some new territory that is unknown and the unknown can be unnerving. However, the benefits of stepping up to the plate allow one to access a great jewel:  wisdom.

2. More wisdom means there is more love, patience, kindness, compassion, inner peace, tolerance, care, hope, faith in oneself, faith in others and faith in the miraculous gift of life. Humility, Compassion and Gratitude naturally emerge when one is empowered. The result is a greater longing to help our fellow humanity and alleviate suffering. When we walk through the fire in life we deepen our connection to the reservoir of RESILIENCE that lives within which is infinite. Resilience literally means: to spring back into shape after being compressed. 

Empowerment is worth striving for. Live for something greater. Honor that which gives you life and feel the freedom in your heart that naturally emerges.

Wishing you all the best in your empowered journey,
Best in Health and Happiness,
Dr. Alexina Mehta

Talk to Your Nature Doc Question of the day: How can I get stronger from the inside so I can face all the challenges that come my way in life?

Patient: How can I get stronger from the inside so I can deal with the challenges that come into my life?

Answer: Life is filled with opportunities for growth. Whether you lose your keys and you need to deal with getting a new key set, you get diagnosed with a condition that you least expected, you get into an accident from out of the blue or lose a loved one...upsetting and challenging situations happen to everyone and what determines how one will react is based on a key factor: RESILIENCE.

How can you build resilience as an innate quality to be able to have the strength to cultivate an unshakable and unwavering faith in yourself?

My answer: DAILY PRACTICE to connect to the part of you that will never die.

Let's face it- it is easy to get into a comfort zone in life and stay there. Then, inevitably as life would have it, something shakes us out of our comfort zones because human beings are designed to GROW.

Rather then fight this reality, I encourage you to accept it ..because it will make your life less complicated.

Rather then struggle to keep the status quo, consider cultivating skills and tools to learn how to GO WITH THE FLOW, as they say :)

A daily practice helps. When you develop a practice of meditation, breathing consciously in nature, lighting a candle or fire and simply reflecting, you begin to tap into the realm of the sacred that exists in silence.

In silence, there is an opportunity to feel our connection with something greater than ourselves and relax into that connection which provides a sense of peace.

So, as the new year begins, consider making time for yourself to be quiet and peaceful a priority and a part of your overall RESILIENCE game plan. In this space, you may begin to tap into the light that is you, and feel the strength that is inherent in that light.

Wishing you all the best for 2015!
Dr. Alexina Mehta

"Faith is seeing light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness."